With another year under our belts during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to revisit our favourite things during the holidays, while ensuring the safety of ours and everyone around us. Here are ways to plan your holidays with a healthy and safe approach.

Using Technology to Plan Festivities

Most of us are already use to being on FaceTime to connect with our relatives across the globe, we can now apply that to our loved ones near us. For those who admire staying within core bubble, having an online function is a great way to stay healthy while still getting to be with your loved ones. Using Zoom or FaceTime can help get everyone in one virtual place, where all the holiday banter can resume as normal. This is especially great for elders, keeping them in a safe environment while still being able to partake in the holiday festivities.

Online Shopping

Shopping online has become the go-to, and that’s without mentioning the added cautions of COVID. Between being able to purchase at a click of a button and staying safe, there are so many positives to doing all your gift getting online. All major storefronts, retails and of course Amazon, are great options for finding the perfect gifts. Not to mention items that you may only find online, and staying away from packed shopping malls around this time of year. Something to consider is to getting your shopping done in a timely manner, as you need to be mindful of shipping times and arrivals. Not only is online shopping more efficient, it is also the safest option to getting your gifts to you without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Digital Past Times

It’s important to keep yourself entertained through the holidays. While it can be difficult doing this at home, there’s plenty of options to past the time. Whether it’s binging Netflix shows or playing video games online, there’s enough to do to keep yourself entertained and safe.

Be Grateful!

Even though times have gotten more challenging, it is important to remain grateful now more than ever. Staying in good health, being around family and friends, and opening gifts are all positives we can look at with gratitude even in the toughest of times. While the pandemic continues to prolong, look at the things you are thankful for and appreciate what you have. That is what the holidays truly represent, finding thanks for the things important to you.