GF-1042WSC Humidifiers

Model: GF-1042WSC

Imagine saving thousands of litres of water each year!

  • Our new 1042WSC model allows you to save a minimum of 50% water used by your humidifier, but six settings allow customization for a maximum water savings of up to 96%
  • While the earth`s population continues to grow at record rates, the overall amount of water on the earth has not changed for over 2 billion years.
  • Clearly, water is not a limitless resouce, yet the demand for water steadily grows.Less than 1% of the earth`s water can be used as a drinking source.
  • Conserving water is not only essential to our well being , but also has financial benefits.
  • Installing a humidifier with the Water Savor™ Controller is a great way to reduce water waste and save money without changing your lifestyle