A Must Have: Air Cleaners in the Winter
December 08, 2021

A Must Have: Air Cleaners in the Winter

As the snow falls and the wind sharpens, we ready ourselves for another cold Canadian winter. And with the winter comes spending more time indoors than usual. This helps magnify the importance of having an air cleaner in your home this winter. For what reason you might ask? Between the increased times inside our homes to COVID scares, it’s time to make sure the air we breathe is pure, clean and healthy.

Air cleaner’s help purify and improve the overall indoor air quality of your home. They help remove allergens and pollutants. Removing air pollutants is the key to why air cleaners are especially needed in winter months, as air pollution is elevated during these times due to cold air being denser. This density causes air pollutants to linger for longer, causing side effects such as eye irritation and potential respiratory issues. Not only is the air denser in the winter, but cold air is dry by nature causing our skin to itch and crack.

Now that we have an idea of the causes and effects from poor air quality, it’s time to look at the types of air cleaners and which might be the best fit for your household. All of our air cleaners at GeneralAire® provide high quality purification, here is a rundown of the ones we offer.

HEPA Filters

High efficient particulate air filters or HEPA filters for short, are considered the standard for air cleaners with their ability to remove over 99% of pollutants and allergens in the air. HEPA filter can even remove the most miniscule amounts of bacteria, as small as 0.3 microns to be exact. This filter is great for capturing large pollutants and purifying homes, also being quite cost effective as HEPA filters only need to be changed every couple of years. In terms of longevity and effectiveness, HEPA filters are the absolute cream of the crop.

Media Filters

Media filters act as a lower efficiency filter comparable to MERV filters. The key difference between the two is media filters don’t have to deal with issues regarding airflow or static pressure. While still being considerably low maintenance, these filters do need be changed more often than HEPA filters. Media filters are generally changed once or twice every year. The one fallback to media filters is their inability to filter out any unwanted odours or smells. While being lower efficiency, media filters still act as a considerable solution with good value in price.

UV Filters

UV filters are a unique case as it is used to halt bacteria and viruses from continuing to produce. This can be considered vital with the effects of COVID-19 on the world today. The UV lamps disinfect and halt microorganisms at a highly effective rate. They are the best filters for removing bacteria and viruses, which is valuable in a time where COVID-19 is present.

One of our UV Light products, the SF-2018 & SF-2000

No matter which air cleaner you choose, GeneralAire® has options to help make your indoor air quality as clean as possible. So before you bundle up, remember to consider air cleaners for your home; because even though it might be needed the most during colder months, it is still something great to have all year long!