Does my humidifier require other maintenance?

Steam humidifiers require minimal maintenance. As water evaporates inside the cylinder during its normal process of creating moisture via the electrodes, minerals are left behind. Much of these minerals are removed through the cylinder drain; however, some remain and build up on the cylinder walls and electrodes. As lower portions of the electrodes accumulate a thick coating, the water level automatically rises to expose clean electrode surface for maximum electric conductivity. Eventually mineral buildup creates a thick coating along the entire length of the electrodes and little electrical current can pass between them, resulting in poor steam output. The DS50 / DS50LC humidifier senses low amperage and displays the E6 Cylinder Exhausted error code. There is no need to replace your humidifier. At this time, simply replace your steam cylinder.

In high end construction and renovation projects humidification is often required while the structure is being finished, as it helps to protect and stabilize wood floors, trim and decoration. Humidification load in an unfinished structure may be five to eight times higher than a finished one. Elite Steam humidifiers may be operated while construction is underway but you may expect a shortened cylinder life as a result. To ensure your humidifier provides ideal humidification levels once the structure is finished, replace your cylinder.