How do I ensure the greatest performance of my 1042 Humidifier?

Perform regular, annual maintenance as described below.

  1. Turn off water supply and electrical power to humidifier.
  2. Disconnect the 1/4” water supply line from the solenoid valve.
  3. Remove the small brass filter assembly from the solenoid valve.
  4. Disassemble the filter and carefully pull the screen from the orifice fitting. Clean the mineral deposits from all parts. If the orifice is clogged, it may be opened by inserting a small needle. Reassemble the filter and screw assembly into solenoid valve.
  5. Remove water distributor tube, distributor trough cover, and trough and drain pan. The evaporator pad may be removed from either the top or bottom of the humidifier. Occasionally, lack of adequate clearance may require removing humidifier cabinet. Clean excessive mineral deposits from the distributor trough, trough cover and drain pan. A solution of 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water or a lime-away cleanser will help loosen mineral deposits.
  6. If the evaporator pad has excessive mineral deposits, replace with a new “990-13” evaporator pad. Install trough and drain pan. Replace cover and the distributor tube to proper position over the distributor trough.
  7. Check drain line for mineral deposits, clean or replace as necessary.
  8. Connect the 1/4” water supply tube to the filter assembly and tighten. Turn on the water supply and check all points for leakage. The operation of the unit may be checked by starting the furnace blower with the manual switch on the fan control or by starting the furnace. The humidifier operates only when the furnace blower is running. Check the humidifier for proper operation.
  9. During the summer season, turn off water supply and electrical power to humidifier.