How does a humidifier work?

There are different types of humidifiers:

  • GeneralAire® Steam Humidifiers: The GeneralAire® Steam Humidifier is an electrode humidifier. Steam humidification is produced by passing electric current through water inside a steam cylinder between highly-conductive metal electrodes. Steam output is directly proportional to the conductivity of the water between clean electrodes.
  • GeneralAire® Evaporative Humidifiers: Water is distributed through a water distribution trough resting on top of a Vapor Pad® inside the humidifier. The Vapor Pad® then becomes thoroughly saturated with water. As heated air from the furnace passes through the water-soaked Vapor Pad® the water evaporates and creates humidity. The humidity is moved by the furnace blower motor through the duct system and is distributed to the living quarters of the home.
  • GeneralAire® Fan Powered Humidifiers: Similar to evaporative humidifiers, but with a fan inside the humidifier that pulls heated air from the furnace through the Vapor Pad® to enhance the evaporative process.