How does water conductivity affect the performance of my steam humidifier?

Steam cylinders must be matched to the local water conductivity in order to perform as designed. If not familiar with local water conductivity, check using an instrument ( EZTestr11 Conductivity Tester). You can also have your water tested for conductivity by the city or a local contractor.

The following water types are not acceptable:

  • Softened water, as this will lead to foam, electrode corrosion and greatly shortened cylinder life.
  • Water containing disinfectants or corrosion inhibitors, as these are potential irritants.
  • Industrial water, boiler water or water from cooling circuits.
  • Any potential chemically or bacteriologically contaminated water.
  • Heated water.
  • Water with silica deposits.

Overall the humidifier must be supplied with the following water characteristics:

  • Pressure between 20psi and 110psi; or 0.1 and 0.8 MPa (1 and 8 bar)
  • Temperature between 33° F and 104° F; or 1° C and 40° C
  • Flow rate minimum of 0.45 L/min or 0.21 gpm
  • Hardness no greater than 40° fH (equal to 400 ppm3 of CaCO),
  • Conductivity from 125 to 1250 µS/cm
  • Absence of organic compounds