Where is my air filter located?

Your air filter can be located in the following places:

  1. Next to your furnace or air conditioning system air handler
  2. In a ceiling or wall-mounted air grille
  3. In your attic
  4. In more than one of the above locations

The air filter is typically located at the point where the return duct enters the air handler. Look for a 1” wide hinged or removable cover. The air filter will be inside.

Some air handlers are installed in attics. The filter is accessed by removing the grate covering the return duct. If located in your wall or ceiling, simply access the filter by opening or removing the grill cover.

Many houses have more than one HVAC system, each typically with at least one air filter. Therefore your house may have air filters located at the air handler and in the returns. Check each possible location to ensure you have located all of your air filters