Which air cleaner is best for me?

You should first consider a variety of factors when selecting the air cleaner that best suits your needs, such as:

  • Current Health (Do you or another family member have asthma? allergies? other chronic health issues, as previously mentioned? Are your eyes, throat, nose irritated? Do you often have headaches? Do you feel dizzy or tired? Have you noticed changes to your health after remodeling, renovating or moving?)
  • Environment (Is it windy? Is there a great deal of air pollution or dust in the air? Are there flowering trees nearby? Are pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers regularly used? )
  • Occupation (Do you work with chemicals? Do you work in a particularly dirty/dusty environment? Do you work near fires?)
  • Lifestyle (Does someone in the house smoke? Do you have hobbies that involve chemicals? Paint? Sanders? Welders? Do you use / store a variety of cleaning solvents in your home?)
  • Housing (Do I live in a house where I can install a whole-house system? Or do I live in an apartment and need to use a room model? Is my home well ventilated? Is it always stuffy or smelly? Do I find rodents or cockroaches often inside my home?)
  • Where you live (Example: if you live in Florida, chances are insecticides / pesticides are regularly sprayed and come into your home via your shoes. Do you live near an airport where planes fly overhead? Do you live near a plant where chemicals are used? Do you live near a highway with substantial exhaust fumes?)
  • Circumstances (Did you just install new carpet? Have you remodeled your home? Has your home suffered flood damage or other water damage? Do you have a fireplace or a gas-burning stove?)
  • Budget (What can your budget afford?)

Any of the single factors above can indicate the need for an air cleaner. If your current circumstance includes several of the above factors, you should seriously consider installing an air cleaner in your home. Whole house air cleaners are best Vs room air cleaners, as room air cleaners don’t stop contaminants in the rest of the house from circulating everywhere.

GeneralAire® HEPA and TERSus Air Cleaners are of the best in the industry. Hospitals use HEPA filters because they utilize the highest-efficiency filter with carbon to remove virtually all contaminants and particulates from indoor air (dust, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, gasses, odors and more). TERSus air cleaners combine the efficiency of HEPA (eliminating particulates) with UV air purification (eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses and other bioaerosols). GeneralAire® also offers MAC and AC Series air cleaners and commercial air cleaners. Many air cleaners allow you to purchase replacement filters of varying efficiencies to best suit your needs. Today’s whole house air cleaners overall substantially improve the quality of the air you breath in your home.