Which version control board do I have?

WARNING: Shut off the unit and unplug the dehumidifier power cord before performing this activity.

  1. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, locate and unscrew the screw at the top of the filter door (nearest the control panel) by a quarter turn. Remove the door and the filter.
  2. Using the T15 Torx wrench (included with the unit), locate and unscrew the four screws holding the display board in place.
  3. Once the board is loose, unplug the two wire inserts. Set aside the old display board.
  4. Insert the new display board through the open filter door, and place behind the display board opening, ensuring the arrows are pointing up.
  5. Reconnect the two wire plugs to the new board.
  6. Using the Torx wrench, screw the four screws back into the new board, holding the back of the board until all four screws are fully seated.
  7. Replace the filter and the door.

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