Universal Control - Model UC1

Model: TJ-UC1

Universal Control:

The UC1 is the new standard interlock control for Tjernlund`s full line of Fixed Speed Power Venters, Draft Inducers and Combustion Air In-Forcers. It can be interlocked with virtually any burner control circuit.

Features include:

  • Adjustable pre & post purge,
  • LED status / diagnostic indicators,
  • 10 second prover switch delay to avoid burner start up and wind induced short cycling.
  • Interlocks with any 24-120 VAC burner control circuit and also includes “dry” contact actuation option.
  • Selectable voltage eliminates false activation by burner control circuits.
  • After each burner cycle the UC1 will continue to operate in post-purge mode to allow the venter to purge the heater and vent of residual flue gases.
  • A factory post-purge time is set at 2 minutes and is adjustable up to 16 minutes.