How do I program my DH75 or DH100 Wi-Fi dehumidifier?

  • On your control panel (via the APP or the unit's touch screen), turn your dehumidifier on by simply selecting "On".
  • Once the unit has finished sampling the air, select "Settings".
  • UNITS: Select "Units" to choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • REMOTE HUMIDISTAT: If you install a remote dehumidistat, select "D1/D2 Logic" to choose "Yes" or "No".
  • SETPOINT: To change the humidity setpoint, select "Humidity Setpoint". Press "Up" or "Down" to change to your desired setting (following screen).
  • HUMIDITY OFFSET: Select "Humidity Offset", range is +/-8.
  • FREEZSTAT LOCKOUT OFF AND ON SETPOINT: Your control allows you to adjustable the freeze stat temperature cut-off (28°-34°F / -2°- +1°C) and turn-on (48°-52°F / 9°-11°C). The adjustability of the freeze stat allows the dehumidifier to run efficiently in low temperature conditions.
    • Set OFF with ranges from 28°F to 34°F / -2°C to +1°C; and ON with ranges from 48°F to 52°F / 9°C to 11°C.
  • DEWPOINT LOCKOUT SETPOINT: Adjustable from 36-42°F.
    In addition to the low ambient temperature 50°F (incoming air) on the previous version of firmware, the added low dew point temperature lockout will further ensure the dehumidifier runs more efficiently.
    • Simply select "Dewpoint Lockout Setpoint" to set; with range from 36°F / 2°C to 42°F / 6°C.
  • FAN IDLE: In low outdoor temperature settings, this can help make the dehumidifier run more efficiently by turning the drain cycle feature off.