DS-RDAH Rotary Disc Humidifier

The Rotary Disc evaporative disc wheel contains 42 polycarbonate discs creating an unprecedented 15 square feet of surface area. As the disc wheel rotates at 4RPM, the discs are wetted and warm furnace air is forced through small spaces between the discs. Due to the large contact area between the water and airflow, the Rotary Disc design produces humidity even with room temperature (recirculation) air and is an ideal by-pass humidifier for Heat Pump applications.

Its non-absorbing, evaporative media allows minerals left behind from evaporation to wash from the discs to the basin, therefore maintaining consistent performance throughout the heating season unlike traditional drum humidifiers. Periodic cleaning of basin is required, but can be automated with installation of optional AutoFlush™ device. Unlike other designs, the disc wheel is a non-disposable lifetime media. It is dishwasher safe and can be disassembled. Frequency of manual cleaning depends on water quality and usage.

AutoFlush™ is an adjustable timer valve system that periodically flushes the stand-by basin water to a drain in order to remove mineral accumulations and refresh the water supply. AutoFlush reduces routine maintenance, but does not eliminate season-end cleaning.