GF3200DMM Evaporative Humidifier (MANUAL)

Options: new Model: 3200 DMM


  • Maximum Humidity Output Through:
    • Low-Profile Cover That Forces Air Directly Through the Vapor Pad® at its Warmest Point
    • Model includes ¼” OD, PEX water supply tubing (hi-temp and hi-pressure) for hot or cold water installs. Eliminating the need for use of copper piping
    • Redesigned cover and chassis to direct hot furnace air directly through the Vapor Pad®
    • Reduced Vapor Pad® frame for maximum pad exposure
  • Left or right bypass installation option
  • Left or right solenoid valve installation option
  • Easy Maintenance Through:
    • Snap-in-Place, Easy Lift-Off Cover
    • Sturdy Two-Piece Vapor Pad® Frame That Easily Pulls Apart to Release & Replace the Vapor Pad®
    • Uses 1/2” Push-On Valve with Shut-Off in Place of Saddle Valve

Replacement Vapor Pad: GF-GA10

Your furnace sends warm air through the humidifier and a water-soaked Vapor Pad®, evaporating water within the Vapor Pad®. Newly-moistened air is then delivered throughout your home via your home's duct system. Breathe healthier with a GeneralAire® 3200 Evaporative Humidifier.

  • Type: bypass evaporative
  • Gallons per day: 12 (based on 120° F plenum temperature)
  • Dimensions (inches): 12 1/4 H x 12 W x 8 1/2 D
  • Weight (pounds): 3.5
  • Vapor Pad® replacement: GA10 (GFI #7905)
    • Replace 1-2 times per season
  • For home sizes up to 3,200 square feet
  • Plenum opening (inches): 9 1/8 W x 9 1/8 H
  • Bypass opening (inches): 6
  • Pallet quantity (units): 36
  • Installation: warm air / return air plenum / right of left side
  • Control: MHX3C manual-control duct-or-wall mount humidistat
  • Power (volts): 24
  • Warranty (years): 5

5 Year Coverage on Solenoid ONLY