Discovering Hobbies while at Home
February 09, 2022

Discovering Hobbies while at Home

With the amount of time, we all have started spending at home, our hobbies and interests have shifted as some have become more difficult to do in the midst of this pandemic. Whether it’s sports, shopping, hikes or anything else; the constant stop and go with regulations are making it hard to be consistently involved in outdoor or recreational activities.

Today we breakdown the potential of new interests we can develop from the comfort of our home, some which could help redeem a connection between your old hobbies; and some that pique a whole new interest altogether.


As the world becomes more digital, reading has certainly felt like it’s gotten lost along the way. Visual stimulation is just about everywhere, and reading is done more through YouTube comments or Twitter headlines than a good book. Not only is it a great habit, but reading has duality to it. There is reading for fun, which usually falls under fiction books with countless genres such as horror and romance to name a few. Then there’s reading to learn (not that learning can’t be fun, it most definitely can), usually done by reading non-fiction books that range across the board with genres like science to autobiographies. A great hobby for inciting knowledge and creative sparks in your brain, allowing you to visualize the story without a video playing in front of you. Whether you plan on using your iPad or getting a paperback book, reading is a great pastime to pick up.


Video games have become a staple in modern entertainment. What started as a fun way for kids to complete a series of missions has turned into a global phenomenon which many consider to be a competitive sport. Video games can offer challenges that can help build skills such as logic, hand-eye coordination, puzzle solving and decision making just to name a few. The skills needed to be successful all vary game-to-game, and the more you diversify the games you play will lead to several different skills and techniques being built into your arsenal. The variance of games is what makes it such a compelling pastime, as some prefer playing multiplayer strategy games with their friends while others prefer immersing into a story-driven role-playing game on their own. The possibilities are endless, and with gaming continuing to grow on a massive scale, it’s a great thing to give a chance if you haven’t already.


It’s interesting to think that many don’t like the idea of cooking, but those who do find absolute joy in making themselves (and others) a great meal, cooking could end up being a great stress reliever. Cooking is not only ideal as a life skill, but treating it as a hobby can allow you to discover new recipes and dishes to expand your taste buds. You could even engage in some competitive cook-offs with your friends and see who’s the best chef! Cooking helps expand your understanding of diet, flavours and taste. It’s a hobby that benefits you in the long run, and can make your dinner parties the talk of the friend group.

Indoor Gardening

Gardening is a great tool for keeping your mind in a healthy state, and doing it indoors can really help improve the air quality of your home. Indoor gardening brings out everyone’s inner plant lover, as it takes passions such as décor and implements it with the plants you choose to care for and have in your household. Indoor gardening is a maintenance hobby, as you have to be consistent with taking care of your plants which can end up being rewarding for those who take an interest in it.


Testing yourself creatively is always a great way to past the time, and a few ways to really test your imagination is drawing or writing original works. Whether it be drawing or painting an image in front of you, thinking of something abstract or illustrating a short comic; drawing can really bring out an immersive side of your imagination. On the other side, writing has just as many aspects with creative writing poems, short stories, lyrics and screenplays just to name some examples. No matter where your creativity lies, being the author or the illustrator (or both) is a great skill builder that could help you in future ventures or just help the time pass at home.

So there you have it, a few hobbies you can pick up with the extra time you spend at home. And for those of you missing your old hobbies, find a way to keep them integrated with your new ones. Enjoy skiing? Download a skiing video game, or read a book on the best winter athletes in the world. Miss going to the gym? Find a diet regime that fits with your workout routine when you get back to hitting the weights. It’s a great time to find new things you love to do, don’t let the world stop you!