Mental Wellness Under The Bright Sun
June 07, 2022

Mental Wellness Under The Bright Sun

Keeping your mental health in check can sometimes be harder said than done. Everyone struggles with a variety of different traumas, anxiety and issues that can negatively affect ones mental health. Today, with the rise of summer fast approaching we discuss different activities and tactics you could use in order to help improve your overall mental health. Our list will combine things that might seem obvious but are often forgotten, with ideas that you may not have really thought of before. So relax, take a deep breath and let’s discuss some approaches to make you feel better as the sun shines the brightest!

The Chill Approach:

Trying to get into the right head space but want to keep it low maintenance? This approach focuses on the simple things that can help shift your mental health in a positive direction. For starters, try getting at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day. This gets you your daily dose of organic Vitamin D, which has been linked to reducing depression and even helps with weight loss. Another tidbit that might seem ordinary but is vital is avoiding social isolation. Try spending some time with a family member or a significant other, or hop on a phone call with one of your friends and catch up. Staying social allows your mind to be stimulated positively rather than running in circles by your lonesome. The chill approach is topped by getting a good night’s sleep, as well as making time for an activity you like. Give yourself a good 90 minutes of your favourite thing to do, whether that’s playing video games, reading a book or watching a movie. Making time for your hobby daily can be huge factor in reducing stress and improving your overall mental health.

The Active Approach:

This approach ramps up the activity side of things, as it focuses on the physical fitness side of improving ones mental health. For starters (especially with the nice weather), every day should be filled with a minimum of 10,000 steps. Whether it’s from walking, working or running; this is an ideal start to improving your mental health and mood through exercise. The next portion of the active approach involves one intense activity per day. This is another thing that can cater to your likeness. Prefer lifting weights? Hit the gym and get your pump on. Like shooting hoops? Grab some friends and run some pick-up games. Having an intense activity daily for a minimum of an hour is great way to keep your mood good, as well as staying fit which in most cases has a major positive effect on one’s mental health. Following this is a relaxing activity to close out your day. This could range from many things – like some light yoga or stretching. This is a good way to close out an intense day and give your mind some peace, while still being active. The active approach may seem more difficult, but with some persistence it can have a lasting impact on your mental health.

The Mindful Approach:

This last approach focuses on you guessed it – being mindful. This all starts from your day-to-day and what you can accomplish in improving your mental health in the time you have. This approach is mostly for those who might not have all the time in the world to improving their mental health. If you are constantly on-the-go or busy, a healthy diet could vastly improve your mental health in more ways than you think. Now, the word “diet” gets thrown around a lot, but be mindful of what you need instead of forcing yourself to do something that won’t last. Keep a balance, if your lunch at work is usually heavy on carbs, have a lighter dinner with all the major food groups you may have missed earlier in the day. You would be surprised at how much impact eating well could have on one’s mental health. Another thing to be mindful of is having a good routine. When time constraints are a problem, having your day organized can help reduce stress and anxiety. Knowing exactly how to make time for yourself can give you an edge rather than living spontaneously minute to minute. This approach relies heavy on understanding the balance of living your everyday life but still incorporating time for your mental wellness.

So which approach works best for you? Or is it mixed bag of all of them? These approaches are just guidelines to getting started, each might have an aspect that hits home for you; while others might not be your cup of tea. Use these approaches as a guide to find what works for you, and you might find your mental health improving over time. Use this summer to your advantage to make yourself a better you!