How to Control the Humidity of Summer Inside your Home
May 10, 2022

How to Control the Humidity of Summer Inside your Home

As the summer approaches, the air in your home can start to feel damp and sticky. A dehumidifier can be the answer to reducing the moisture in your home’s air. The benefits of a dehumidifier includes making your humidity levels just right during the summer time, as too little or too much humidity can both bare their own issues. Dehumidifiers also can get rid of dust mites, prevents mold growth and can help aid other cooling systems such as ceiling or stand-up fans in your household.

As stated, dehumidifiers are made to help make the air in your house less damp and sticky, but it is important to know the type of levels to have your dehumidifier at. Having a dehumidifier that takes out all the moisture in the air can be just as problematic. The ideal setting for your dehumidifier should be around 50%. Usually 50% is a solid consensus, but higher temperatures can still activate mold growth so going as high as 60% is sometimes a viable option.

Mold growth is an issue caused by raised humidity levels, and it can cause issues such as damage to your furniture or wood placement around your house. Dehumidifiers combat this problem with the reduction in condensation, disallowing condensation to form when cooling the air. Also, a dehumidifier helps reduce costs due to using less energy of your cooling systems. Dehumidifiers use significantly less energy than an air conditioning unit, thus being an excellent cost-efficient option.

Now that we’ve laid out the essentials in owning a dehumidifier, what makes our GeneralAire models the go-to dehumidifier on the market?

Our DH75 and DH100 are top tier dehumidification solutions for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the DH75 and DH100 have Wi-Fi capabilities, making them easy to control from your smartphone device. This series also features intelligent processes, such as low temperature shut off.

The DH75 and DH100 are mainly made up of one major difference, that being air flow velocity. The DH75 runs at 180CFM while the DH100 runs at 220CFM. Outside other minor differences such as capacity and weight, these products run quite similarly to one another. They both require minimal maintenance over extended periods of time, offer maximum humidity output and can treat your entire home with dehumidification.

Our GeneralAire dehumidifiers are also made to fit anywhere in your home, whether that be the attic, crawl space or the basement (ducted or un-ducted). In terms of a modern approach on an effective product, the DH75 and DH100 fit the mold perfectly.

All in all, if your house tends to get extremely humid during the summer season; you may want to get a dehumidifier to improve the overall air quality of your home. In the long run you can pretty much guarantee it having a positive effect on your home, items, personal health and much more!