Stay Fit While Gym's are Closed
January 19, 2022

Stay Fit While Gym's are Closed

Many of us might be finding a lack of motivation to exercise with the closure of gyms again. It can be tough to create a fitness positive attitude at home, where your favorite things include Netflix & chilling and relaxing, rather than pumping some iron. For those of us trying to be fit while staying indoors, here are some tips and guidelines to accomplish a consistent workout routine from the comfort of your home.

Create a Routine

Having a routine is step one in creating a consistent workout regime. Mark down the days you want to work out and also mark down your rest days, this allows you to have a steady schedule in what you’re trying to accomplish. It is also vital to build your routine around what your fitness goals are. For example, if you are trying to shred; it would be good to focus your routine around cardio and endurance. For those looking to gain muscle mass, honing in on home-style workouts that target specific muscle groups is the way to go. Regardless, becoming motivated at working out from home all starts with committing to a proper routine.

Getting Creative with Workouts

It’s obvious most people go to the gym because they can use different gym equipment and weights they don’t have at home. This is probably the biggest disconnect for home fitness motivation, the inability to use the same machines and weights that the gym offers. But, a lot of these workouts can be replicated with some creative thinking. Football players use tires all the time for different routines, grab a spare and check out some online workouts that could push your limits. Pushups, sit-ups, burpees, running, squats and planks are all things that can be done without any items whatsoever. Just find yourself an area that is appropriate to do these. If these are too basic for you, check out YouTube for advanced techniques to really work your different muscle groups, there are loads of personal trainers with at-home videos showing you how to achieve similar results without the need for weights. Lastly, starting a small home gym could be an ideal alternative while waiting for the gym to re-open. While dumbbells and treadmills might not be cheap, things like resistance bands and yoga mats are at a good value to add more diversity to your home workouts without hurting your wallet.

Eat Healthy & Stay Hydrated

An underrated part of a good workout routine in general is eating well. By being indoors there’s no cravings from fast food on your way home, and being just a few seconds away from your kitchen can help you maintain a more effective fitness diet. Whether it’s implementing a meal plan, bulking with proteins or eating smaller portions; being at home can help boost the chances of you maintaining a real diet. Time is usually a factor in people failing to keep a diet, but with all the in-between time that is allotted from going to the gym could be made up with cooking yourself healthy meals that can really take your entire fitness regime to the next level. It’s important to remember that a healthy diet is just as important as the workouts themselves.

It’s also important to have ideal humidity levels when working out at home, as humidity can have an effect on your workout performance. If your home is too humid during your workouts, it could cause dehydration and dizziness. However, humidity could also have positive effect if your routines can cater to the temperature. For example, shorter, high-intensity workouts could be effective in humid atmospheres. Being prepared for these taxing work outs is also a part of the process, so having a couple of cold water bottles on hand is a good way to stay hydrated in this environment.

So what are you waiting for? Take initiative and push yourself to getting fit without needing the gym. Use this as motivation to build a fitness schedule that will transition you back into the gym with ease or build a routine so good that you make your home your new fitness center, the choice is yours!