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Learn how GeneralAire® humidity control products keep you and your family healthier by reducing the transmission of viruses inside your home. Watch our 90 second video to learn more.

COVID-19 Resources

The COVID 19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the lives of all people around the world. No country has gone unscathed. We are more focused on the overall well-being of our families and spend a greater percentage of our time at home, indoors. Thus, our homes Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is more important than ever before.

Ensure Fresh, Clean, Healthy Air Indoors

Ensuring a healthy home means controlling humidity. Too much or too little both have adverse effects on your home and more importantly, your health.


Protect your home & the health of your family by ensuring your Indoor Air Quality is clean, fresh and healthy. Control indoor air and Breathe Healthier™ today!


The 2020 COVID pandemic has heightened the homeowners’ awareness about the importance of IAQ at home. Let us help you maximize your opportunities as an HVAC expert!


Your contractors have relied on GeneralAire® & Second Wind™ products to protect the homes and health of their customers for over 80 years.

Indoor Air Quality Has Never Been More Important

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people across the world in very significant ways. Among them, most people now spend almost all their time indoors, at home. This means indoor air quality at home is more important than ever.

Canadian General Filters Ltd. primary focus has been to manufacture indoor air quality products for your home since the early 1970’s. Our products provide healthy air for you, your family and pets; air without harmful particulates, germs, POC’s, mold, mildew, viruses, and pathogens.

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