Whole home health starts with clean air
July 19, 2021

Whole home health starts with clean air

Change is in the air. Can you smell it? Now, more than ever, we think about the germs in our home, how clean our surfaces are, how clean our sheets are, and how clean our hands are.

We’ve deep cleaned all the nooks and crannies, we’ve colour coded our bookshelves and organized the pantry, and we saw unmentionable amounts of grit and grime pour out of our so-called sheets and towels as we all collectively learned about laundry stripping. Thanks so much, Internet.

But what about the air we breathe? Can we clean THAT? It turns out we can.

We add houseplants to help clean our air. We clean and dust regularly. We remove our shoes when we get home, and we enjoy the soothing aromas from our essential oil diffusers. But is that enough to keep the air in our homes clean? The answer is no.

GeneralAire® UV air purifiers removes unwanted (and unseen) mold, mildew, toxins, allergens, and kill bacteria and viruses leaving your whole home healthier.

It’s like laundry stripping, but for your air and for your life, minus the chemicals.

The indoor air quality of every room in your home or office is important, which is why the GeneralAire® UV air purifiers are designed for the whole home ensuring the rooms you play in, sleep in, live in, and eat in, are all filled with fresh clean air. Integrated into your existing HVAC unit, there is no need for portable units in each room to ensure the air you breathe is clean.

GeneralAire® UV air purifiers will ensure that when you accidentally step on a Lego brick and take a deep breath to calm yourself the air you breathe is clean, pure, and life giving. (What you do with the Lego, that’s up to you.)

No amount of cleaning, dusting, open windows, essential oils, house plants, or other cover ups can ensure your whole home air quality.

With a UV air purifier

Cooking odours ✅

Pet odours and dander ✅

Allergens ✅

Mold and mildew ✅

everything is gone. Installed in under an hour you can now breathe easy and breathe clean, for life.

Breathe Healthier™

Breathe Healthier™ with GeneralAire® today!